Lily Lanfermeijer


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Graduationshow, Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, Installation View

Completed her BA at the Image & Language Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, after which she completed a pre-master Architecture at the Academie voor de Bouwkunst Amsterdam. In 2017 she completed a two-year master in ‘Immediate Spaces’ at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. At the moment she is part of the Punt WG artistic team (2018-current).

Selected exhibitions include: Billy Town Den Haag (2019), Fotopub, Novo Mesto, Slovenia (2018), Worm Rotterdam (2016), De Fabriek Eindhoven (2016), Object Rotterdam (2014), EESAB, Lorient, France (2014), The Old Ambulance Depot Edinburgh (2014), De Witte Moor Gent (2012), De Oude Kerk Amsterdam (2012), Joods Historisch Museum (2012).