Charlotte van Pallandt


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Charlotte Dorothée baroness van Pallandt (Arnhem, September 24, 1898 – Noordwijk, July 30, 1997) was a Dutch painter and sculptor. She is considered one of the most important Dutch sculptors of the twentieth century. Already in her youth, Van Pallandt turned out to be very gifted. She preferred drawing, painting and playing the piano. However, a career as an artist was not an obvious choice for a woman. After her marriage to the diplomat Adolph count van Rechteren ended in 1923 after four years, she went her own way. Until 1928 she was active as a painter. She was friends with the painter Kees Verwey. In 1929 she started sculpting. Van Pallandt was educated in Paris, where she was taught by Charles Despiau and Charles Malfray.


In 1953 she made a statue of Queen Juliana. In 1968 she made the famous statue of Queen Wilhelmina, which – in bronze – stands in front of Noordeinde Palace in The Hague. Van Pallandt specialized in portraits and nudes. She is said to have taught the young princess Beatrix,  but this is doubted by relatives of Van Pallandt.