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Venice 08 maggio 2019 © foto di Simone Ferraro

11 May untill 24 November 2019, The Venice Biennale, Giardini, Venice

Remy Jungerman

Iris Kensmil and Jungerman are representing the Netherlands at the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. The Measurement of Presence brings together influences from different backgrounds. In their work Kensmil and Jungerman combine the inspiration they draw from 20th century modernism, particularly Mondrian and De Stijl, the Russian avant-garde and artist stanley brouwn, with elements of other traditions and perspectives.



Remy Jungerman

Since the opening of the Dutch Pavilion in Venice, by Minister Van Engelshoven on 8 May 2019, the presentation The Measurement of Presence, with artists Iris Kensmil and Remy Jungerman and curator Benno Tempel, has received a lot of coverage in the national and international press. 

Unfair 03 July t/m 23 August 2020

With o.a. Nicola Arthen & Inez de Brauw

Welcome stranger

Krugerplein, november 2020. Foto Marc Driessen                                                                             

23 oct 2019 t/m 27 march 2021 


Four artists, who live and work in Amsterdam, have been invited by Welcome Stranger to use the facade of their own home as a meaningful space and create new work. In four places in the city, this gives rise to multifaceted reflections on publicness and privacy, on what is on the inside and on what is on the outside.


No City Without Art


Geen Stad Zonder Kunst #2 is a series of six collective discussions organised by Platform BK and the Kunstenbond with artists, politicians, civil servants, studio organisations and other stakeholders in six cities throughout the Netherlands in the spring of 2019. The reason for these discussions is the tendency of artist housing to become more and more rare and expensive, and contracts becoming increasingly flexible and of shorter duration.