Albert Mol


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Albert Mol (Amsterdam, January 3, 1917 – Laren (Gelderland), March 9, 2004) was a Dutch actor, dancer, cabaret artist and writer.

From the 1930s onwards, Albert Mol performed as a dancer in Italy, Sweden, France, Switzerland and Austria. He also worked as a choreographer. He even danced briefly at the Scala in Milan, but was unable to stay there because he was shadowed by agents of the local vice squad because of his sexual orientation.


In his own country he became known in the films Het wonderful leven van Willem Parel (1955) and Fanfare (1958) by Bert Haanstra. At that time he also performed frequently in Wim Sonneveld’s ensemble. Mol gained great fame with his role as panel member of the 1970s game Wie van de Drie, which would continue to exist until the early 1980s. After Wie van de Drie he was a permanent employee of the 1-2-3 show. Later he also played in the movie Op hoop van zegen (1986).


At the end of his career, Mol guest-starred in the comedy series. Then happiness was normal and We are home again. He had a successful role in an episode of the docudrama series 30 minutes by Arjan Ederveen (1995). In 1997 Albert Mol was again a panel member for a few episodes in a remake of Wie van de Drie.


Mol has written several books. One of them, What do I see!?, Was made into a film by Paul Verhoeven in 1971. When Mol was asked if he gave permission for a musical of the same name, he responded with “Sure! It will be time!”. In 2006 the musical Wat Zien Ik ?! out, but Mol has not seen the result again.